Hello everyone and welcome back to my website! In today’s blog, I’m talking about 10 things that I never wear anymore. And if you’re thinking I’m going to say leopard print, no, I’m not—it’s still going strong for now. Today, though, we’re focusing on 10 things that I once loved and maybe even recommended to you at one point. Don’t be offended by this blog because I loved these items at one point too, but with time, things do change. So, if you’re new here, consider subscribing. We have lots of fun on this website, so do that now. Okay, let’s get started.

Are we ready for people to get mad? I’ll just get it over with. The first item is ripped jeans. Yep, I don’t really wear them anymore. I know many of you are rejoicing at this admission. I loved them for the longest time, especially in high school. While I might pull them out occasionally for a casual look, I now prefer clean, undistressed jeans, particularly high-waisted mom jeans. I’m even steering away from skinny jeans, though I still wear them occasionally.

Next on the list are really tall boots and really short boots. I’m not saying these are out of style, but personally, I don’t reach for them anymore. I prefer mid-rise boots that go just past the ankle, which I find versatile for various outfits and occasions.

Flannel shirts are another item I never wear anymore. I keep them in my closet, thinking I’ll wear them in the fall, but I never do. They just sit there, as I choose other warm clothing instead.

Another look I’m over is a striped shirt with a cardigan. I saw this combination too often, especially on Pinterest, and now I’m tired of it. However, I still like striped shirts with blazers.

Denim on denim is another trend I no longer follow. It’s hard to pull off, and I find myself never wearing the denim shirts I own.

Cold shoulder tops are completely out of my wardrobe. They don’t bring me joy and actually make my shoulders cold, so I’ve donated all of them.

Polka dots are a pattern I avoid now. I have one polka-dotted PJ set, but that’s it. I used to have a polka dot dress, but I no longer own it. Polka dots just aren’t my style anymore.

Uncomfortable shoes, especially heels that hurt, are also a thing of the past for me. I used to wear stylish but painful shoes, but now I prioritize comfort. For example, I rarely wear my Christian Louboutin heels, even though they’re beautiful. I prefer shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.

Lastly, I avoid items in my closet that always look bad or get wrinkled easily. Every time I pull them out, they go right back in because I never end up wearing them.

So, that’s it for this blog. I hope you enjoyed it! If you did and you’re new, consider subscribing, give this blog a thumbs up, and check out my other blogs. They’re fun and you’ll enjoy them. Bye!



Why did you decide to stop wearing ripped jeans?

I felt that my style had evolved, and I now prefer cleaner, undistressed jeans. While I might still wear ripped jeans occasionally, I generally lean towards high-waisted mom jeans for a more polished look.

Are tall and short boots completely out of style?

Not at all! Tall and short boots are still in style for many people. Personally, I just prefer mid-rise boots that go past the ankle because they suit my current style better.

Why don’t you wear flannel shirts anymore?

I realized that even though I kept flannel shirts for the fall season, I never actually wore them. I tend to choose other warm clothing options instead.

What’s wrong with the striped shirt and cardigan combination?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with it. I’ve just seen it too often, especially on Pinterest, and I grew tired of the look. I still like striped shirts with blazers, though.

Is denim on denim a bad fashion choice?

Denim on denim can be a challenging look to pull off. It’s not that it’s a bad choice, but I found it difficult to style in a way that I liked, so I stopped wearing it.

Do you plan to change your style again in the future?

Fashion is always evolving, and so is personal style. I’m open to new trends and might change my style again in the future as my preferences and inspirations change.