Eyebrow slit ends are a fashionable form of self-expression that involves making thin vertical incisions in the eyebrows. This style was popular in the 90s and is still worn today. You can use an electric or manual razor and tape to create a brow gap on your own eyebrows. If you don’t want permanent eyebrow slit gaps, you can also do so with makeup. If you follow the right steps, you can create your own stylish eyebrow split in no time.

The history of eyebrow trimming is much longer than we know. Although Gen Z seems to have brought it back to trend, eyebrow slits date back to hip-hop fashion in the 80s and early 90s. The eyebrow split is subtle and bold, and if you are willing to pull it apart, you can make a good statement. The eyebrow seam is both new and vintage, and you can design your style according to the clothes you wear and your own personal aesthetic.

What is an Eyebrow Slit?

Eyebrow Slit

The eyebrow slit gap is also known as brow cutting. The meaning of eyebrow cutting is often confused as injury, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. An eyebrow incision or eyebrow incision is a clean and thin vertical incision made on the eyebrows. Usually, the eyebrow seam is opened near the end of the eyebrow, but many people choose to open it on other parts of the eyebrow. Most beauty salons and salons offer eyebrow shaping, but if you are confident enough and able to take the necessary precautions beforehand, you can also get your eyebrows at home. In this article, we will introduce how to make eyebrows by yourself at home. If you’re interested in learning how to get thick eyebrows, check out our details

Eyebrow Slit Pros: 

Eyebrow trimming has been popular for a while. This is truly an edgy and bold statement that is definitely not something most people are willing to do. Unlike its more generic counterpart, eyebrow shading is a louder statement. If you’re wondering if you should attend, here’s a list of reasons why you should. Eyebrow shaping is a super cool trend that will set you apart. If you have a gothic/punk/rock aesthetic or a sense of fashion, eyebrow trimming will be the way to go. It is not permanent. Of course, the eyebrows will grow back. So, if your eyebrow is cut, it will most likely grow back after two or three weeks. 

Eyebrow Slit Cons: 

Eyebrow Slit Cons

If you think about it, the eyebrow seam is really convenient and has many benefits. Still, anything with a good side will have its drawbacks. The disadvantages do not mean that you are kept away from eyebrow openings, but here are a few things you should keep in mind before doing them. Eyebrow trimming may not be as time-consuming as a haircut, but it still requires patience and precision to get it right. You have to pay attention to the right thickness and the right position without shaving the excess hairs on the eyebrows. If you don’t have such experience before, it’s best to go for a trained testimonial to get it done. The eyebrows are close to the eyes and are a sensitive area. Since cutting eyebrows involves shaving with a sharp tool

20 best eyebrow slit ideas for men and women

Before women began to like it, eyebrow seams were mainly worn by men. Eyebrow slits are trendy regardless of gender and can add sharpness to anyone’s overall look. In recent years, eyebrow splitting has resurfaced as Gen Z rediscovers the trend and makes it popular again in the new generation. At present, gothic, emo, grunge and punk fashion enthusiasts around the world have begun to retry and popularize the split eyebrows.

1. Alphabet Slits

Alphabet Slits

An interesting style to try in the eyebrow seam spectrum is the alphabet of the eyebrow seam. This is more common than you think. You can take any alphabet with straight lines and instill it into an eyebrow seam design. Alphabets like X, Y, L, I, and K are frequently used.

2. Single Slit Joining With The Hair 

Single Slit Joining With The Hair 

This is an interesting style of eyebrow seam that is connected to the corresponding seam on the hair, usually on one side of the forehead, so that it looks like a continuation of the eyebrow seam. This will require you to also cut a hairstyle that fits the seam of your eyebrows. In this case, the inverted buckle and flat-toe cut work well.

3. Double Slit Joining With Hair 

Double Slit Joining With Hair 

Take the single seam up a notch again. The style of this brow seat is exactly the same as the previous design, but the double slit has been changed to a slit.

4. Single Slit

Single Slit

Start with a simple and elegant eyebrow slit style. Single seam is perfect for beginners who are willing to tread on the side. All you need to do is make a clean incision near the end of the eyebrows at an oblique angle. Single sewing is easy to make, and you can easily do it yourself at home. Single split ends are also easy to hide, in case you get it wrong and you don’t like it.

5. Double Slit

The second style on the list of men’s eyebrow slits is the double slit, which we added a notch to the single slit. This style is as simple as a single seam. All you have to do is drive two instead of one. A very common and preferable approach is to leave enough gaps between the slits and make sure that the two slits are parallel to each other. You can easily do this from home.

6. Triple Slit

Three seams are a great way to leave your beginner days behind. In the three slits, you will make three corresponding seams at the end of the eyebrows. Again, make sure that the amount of gap between the slits is just right and parallel. The three-eyebrow split is perfect for men who pursue this aesthetic style.

7. Middle Slit

This men’s eyebrow slit style is inspired by Jason Momoa, who has a split in the middle of his eyebrows. Unfortunately, the gaps in Momoa are not artificial. In 2008, the actor was involved in a fight where a man named Dominic Bando smashed a pint glass into Jason’s face. The actor had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment, and he has since left scars on his eyebrows. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from making his scars a fashion statement, and many fans think his scars look good and edgy.

8. Broad Eyebrow Slit 

Broad Eyebrow Slit 

Men’s broad eyebrows have always been a trend. The wide brow slit is the bold epitome of a men’s brow slit. The wide eyebrow slit requires you to shave off a wide patch from the back of the eyebrow. This style with split eyebrows is definitely not suitable for novices. It is recommended to ask a professional for a wide eyebrow incision for better results.

9. Straight Eyebrow Slit 

This style of brow split is again simple, classic, elegant, in addition to being slightly sharper than the usual brow split and easy to pull apart. All you need to do is make a straight incision instead of an oblique incision, and you are one step ahead of the usual eyebrow incision. Straight brow seams are easy to do at home and easy to hide just in case something goes wrong. 

10. Cross Eyebrow Slit

Cross-eyebrow splitting is a slightly more complex but popular design among men’s eyebrow splits. In this design, you’ll make two intersecting eyebrow seams to form an “X” shape. This is best done by an experienced professional, unless you are very confident in your expertise in cutting your eyebrows.

11. Rough Eyebrow Slit

The thick eyebrow split is similar to a single or double split end. The difference between the two is that the thick eyebrow seam looks less sharp, but more tattered and lazy. This style of split eyebrows is meant to give a shabby feel, making people feel that split eyebrows are not artificial.

12. V-Shaped Eyebrow Slit

The V-shaped brow seam is also very similar to the double brow seam. In this design, both slits start in the same place and end slightly apart from each other, forming a V shape. The V-shape is elegant and simple, but it’s a bit hard to get if you try to make it yourself.

13. Half Eyebrow Slit 

This design of the eyebrow seam is rather uncommon, so if done well, it would be a good statement. Half brow seams are just like regular brow seams, but they don’t extend all the way to the other end of the eyebrow. In short, the eyebrow slit ends halfway. These slits are mainly designed to create a rough and natural vent effect, which can be a bit tricky to do at home.

14. Vertical V Eyebrow Slits

The vertical V-shaped brow seam is unconventional and may slightly change your usual appearance, giving your brows a sharp and avant-garde look. The vertical V eyebrow split is exactly what the name suggests. All you need to do is make a chevron. This design is difficult to implement and requires experienced professionals to do it correctly.

15. The Mixed Slit 

Hybrid slits combine half slits and conventional single slits. In fact, you can use these patterns a lot. In the usual mixed eyebrow slit, you will make a single slit and a half-slit that are adjacent to each other and parallel to each other. You can make it subtle or sharp, and you can even make three incisions to elevate it.

16. Vertical Straight Slit

Vertical straight seams are also uncommon and look natural. In this style, you will make a straight vertical incision in the eyebrows. You can decide the length according to your choice.

17.  Broad Middle Slit

The wide middle slit is suitable for hardcore eyebrow slit fans, who have mostly browsed it all. This eyebrow is sewn between the eyebrows or from the center close to the eyebrows. Since eyebrow incisions are usually made near the end of the eyebrows, even if the incisions are sharp, they will make you look really natural.

18. Thin Front Single Slit

Another eyebrow incision in the list, we are closer to the beginning of the eyebrow. This is a simple single seam, but in a different position. It is also easy to pull down and can be done at home. The gap between the eyebrows near the center of the eyebrows is usually more prominent, as the eyebrows in this area tend to be thicker. Therefore, this gives a sharp feeling.

19. Pattern Eyebrow Slits

The eyebrow split is subtle, slender and neat. They also stand out from the eyebrow seams that we see common in men. In this style, you can make different patterns with thin cuts on the eyebrows. The person in the picture above has a single slit and a V-shaped design, with each line having a different length. If this is your style, feel free to try and experiment with these patterns and make them versatile for many purposes.

20. Bent Eyebrow Slit

The curved brow seam is simple, but different from all the other brow seams on the list. This is again a single-seam style, but curved instead of straight. If you are looking for a clean look with this design, this is difficult to achieve. Therefore, it is best to have the job done by experienced professionals.

Which eyebrow should I slit?

You can cut any eyebrow, but ideally, you should choose the eyebrows that best accentuate your eyebrows and have good hair growth so that the cut eyebrows will be clear and gorgeous.

There is no standard rule that requires you to cut open your left eyebrow or right eyebrow. However, if you use your eyebrows as a sign of being affiliated with a certain gang, group, or community, you must follow the group’s norms. Some groups and gangs make slits on the left eyebrow, while others make a slit on the right eyebrow. If you are a true member of any of these gangs, you must follow their guidelines when cutting your eyebrows.

 But if your eyebrow shaping is purely for fashion, you are free to choose the eyebrows that best suit you. You must also choose eyebrows with healthy hair growth so that your slits can be seen.