Welcome to the dark side. Goth makeup style was all the rage in the 90s, and with the resurgence of the fashion decade, it’s no surprise that goth makeup has also made a comeback. This time it’s a little more gorgeous. The revamped modern gothic look is still dark and edgy, but a little more elegant than before. Check out these goth makeup tutorials for a dark and glamorous look!

What is ‘Goth Makeup’?

Goth makeup was once characterized by dark, bold smoky eyes and blood-red lips. The modern style combines classic dark goth makeup shades with a hint of shimmer and color to create an avant-garde yet noble face. The weather is still dark and muggy and a little more flashy, and it’s fun to wear it for the night in town.

How to apply Goth makeup?

1. Choosing the Makeup

  1. Choose a foundation two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
  2. Purchase dark-colored eye shadow.
  3. If you’re new to using eyeliner, start with a black eyeliner pencil.
  4. If you’re good at applying eyeliner, go for black liquid eyeliner.
  5. Purchase black mascara.
  6. Look for dark-colored lipstick.

  2. Putting on the Makeup

  1. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin before applying foundation.
  2. Cover your face with sunscreen and primer.
  3. Using a makeup sponge, apply the foundation.
  4. Use powder to set the foundation.
  5. Apply eyeliner.
  6. Apply eye shadow with a makeup brush.
  7. Apply the mascara
  8. Finally, apply lipstick.
  9. Set your makeup with a face mist.

Choosing the Makeup for Goth look:   

    1. Choose a foundation two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

foundation for natural skin tone

Most of the Goths looked almost dead, and their skin looked almost white and very pale. It is important to use a good foundation as the basis for makeup. Choose a foundation that is two shades lighter than your skin tone and will make you look pale, not as pale as cake or as pale as wearing a white mask.

If you have a darker complexion, look for a foundation that is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and buy white powder to apply to your foundation. This will give you an ethereal, light gray skin tone without giving the impression that you are wearing a white mask that is very different from your natural skin tone. You should also purchase the usual inclusions.

2. Purchase dark-colored eye shadow.

Purchase dark-colored eye shadow

While goth makeup may be darker, that doesn’t mean your eye makeup isn’t fun. Look for dark eye shadows like black, purple, blue, and red.

You can use dark black or dark brown eyeshadow to cover the eyeliner and create a more eye-catching look.

Many Goths will apply eye shadow color to their lip color and vice versa. Consider how the eye shadow you choose will pair with the lipstick you buy to create an overall goth makeup look.

3.  If you’re new to using eyeliner, start with a black eyeliner pencil.

If you’re nervous or unfamiliar with using eyeliner, you may want to try eyeliner first. The pencil is easy to apply, and any mistakes can be adjusted with a cotton swab dipped in water or the edge of your finger.

 black eyeliner pencil

Look for black eyeliner that is marked as long-lasting and smudge-free, as you don’t want the eyeliner to end up all over your face. This is more of a raccoon look than a Goth makeup look.

Use smoky or smudged KAJAL eyeliner on your waterline, which you can apply with a cotton swab.

4. If you’re good at applying eyeliner, go for black liquid eyeliner.

black liquid eyeliner

If you’re confident in pencil eyeliner and want to try something new, or if you’ve used liquid eyeliner before, look for black liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner usually creates sharper lines around your eyes and will last all day.

If you sweat easily or your eyes are prone to tearing, consider using a waterproof eyeliner. This will ensure that the eyeliner stays on the eyelids and does not run down the cheeks or reach other parts of the face.

5. Purchase black mascara.

 Purchase black mascara

Black mascara is a must-have for goth makeup as it darkens your eyes and makes you look sexier. Choose black mascara, which lengthens your lashes and gives your eyes an extra touch of darkness.

If you like to play with color in gothic looks, you can opt for colored mascara in dark tones such as blue or red. You can apply these shades to exposed lashes or apply them to black mascara for a fun, unique gothic look.

6.  Look for dark-colored lipstick.

dark-colored lipstick

Without dark lips, no gothic look is complete. While pure and simple black lipstick looks great, you can also try using darker shades such as maroon, crimson, or deep purple.

You may decide to invest in several different dark shades of lipstick so you can alternate them depending on your mood. Lipstick colors can also be used to complement your current gothic outfit for a particular day.

Putting on the Makeup

     1. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin before applying foundation.

 applying foundation

To create a smooth gothic look, it’s important to use a foaming cleanser and toner to exfoliate. Foundation will look much better on smooth and clean skin.

You should also use a facial moisturizer to make your skin look soft and hydrated. This will prevent dry spots from forming on the skin throughout the day while you wear goth makeup.

2. Cover your face with sunscreen and primer.

Cover your face with sunscreen and primer

To ensure your skin stays young and free from damage, always apply sunscreen to your face. Look for sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.Alternatively; you can look for a primer that contains SPF so that both products are in one package. Sunscreen also protects your skin from tanning and makes you look paler.

Apply the primer thinly to the face with clean fingers. If it contains SPF, you can also apply a primer around your neck to protect it from the sun.

3. Using a makeup sponge, apply the foundation.

makeup sponge, apply the foundation

Once you have a clean, smooth surface to work on, take a makeup sponge and apply foundation to your face. You can find makeup sponges in the make-up section of your local beauty supply store or department store. You can also apply foundation with your fingers, but it can be difficult to apply the foundation evenly with your fingers.

Apply a thin layer of foundation to your skin, making sure you apply foundation to areas that tend to turn red, such as around your nose, between your eyebrows, and on your chin.

Apply only one layer of foundation, as too much foundation on the face can lead to clumps. It can also make you look like you’re wearing a white mask instead of brightening your complexion.

4. Use powder to set the foundation.

Use powder to set the foundation

To keep the foundation going all day, use a light powder. Use a powder pad to apply the flour. Make sure to apply the powder to the entire face so your foundation doesn’t become runny or streaks appear throughout the day.

5. Apply eyeliner.

If you are using eyeliner, you can simply draw lines on the top and bottom of the eyelash line with the eyeliner. Try drawing a pronounced dark line around the lash line to create a gothic look.

If you use liquid eyeliner, you can create more complex eyeliner styles. For example, you might want to create small “wings” that extend from your upper eyelid to create a winged eyeliner effect. To do this, start with the inside of the eyelid and move outward, gently allowing the pencil to extend an inch beyond the corner of the eye. This will give you a more vampire gothic look.

If you can’t draw the “wings” with eyeliner, you can first draw the wings with eyeliner and then use eyeliner to make up for it.

6. Apply eye shadow with a makeup brush.

Apply eye shadow with a makeup brush

To make your eyes more impactful, you can choose darker eye shadows and apply them with a makeup brush. Eye shadow is a great way to make your gothic look more unique.

For example, you may decide to apply purple eyeshadow to your lower eyelid and then black eye shadow to your upper eyelid and around the eye slit. This will give your eyes a dark look.

7. Apply the mascara

Apply the mascara

Complete your eye makeup by applying black mascara to your lashes. You can curl your lashes before applying mascara to help your lashes better complement your eyes. Apply a layer of mascara and let it dry. Then, if you want your lashes to look darker, apply another layer.

If your lashes are shallow or minimal, you may need to put on false eyelashes to give your lashes more definition.

If you want to put makeup on your eyebrows, use a brow pencil that is darker than your natural color.

8.  Finally, apply lipstick.

 Finally, apply lipstick

Complete your look with dark lipstick in black or purple. You can apply lipstick with a small makeup brush or directly from the tube.

Use a cotton swab to remove any imperfections on eye makeup or lipstick. Apply a cotton swab under your lips to make sure your lipstick looks flawless.

9. Set your makeup with a face mist.

Set your makeup with a face mist

Goth makeup looks best when it’s clean and smooth, so use a facial spray to keep makeup in place and fresh. You can find facial sprays at your local pharmacy or beauty salon. The spray is great for keeping your skin hydrated, especially if you live in a hot climate.


The Halloween season is goth makeup. Although this festival is celebrated in the USA, every year my friends and I dress up like Goths and vampires and take some crazy pictures!! Even my freshmen in college had the theme of “Devils and Angels.” “As a result, I’d like to share some advice with you. True vampire fashion will expose you to makeup like black eyeliner, purple eyeshadow, maroon and purple lipstick (with matching lip liner), foundation a few shades lighter than yourself, and your secret weapon – shiny white powder. Find Gothic inspiration in vampire books and movies. These days,