Even with a simple T-shirt and sweatpants, how do trendsetters always exude style? This essence of effortless chic is more accessible than one might think. The “model off work” vibe encapsulates the casual and stylish streetwear adopted by famous models and celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kaia Gerber, who effortlessly act as if they had just stepped out of high-end photography. Hailey Bieber is yet another epitome of street fashion, where the fusion of sophistication and fashion attracts a lot of attention. These are the people who followed in the footsteps of original trendsetters like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Cindy Crawford, who paved the way for today’s casual and stylish ensembles. If you’re eager to strutt down the street like your own personal runway, here are seven simple tips to master this popular model off duty look.

Q: How can I dress like a model off-duty in 2024?

Dressing like a model off-duty in 2024 involves embracing casual yet chic styles. Opt for comfortable yet stylish pieces such as oversized jackets paired with fitted tops or skirts, or mix athleisure elements with structured clothing like hoodies under suit jackets. Experiment with blending contrasting styles like grunge with feminine touches for a striking look. Additionally, investing in two-piece sets for easy coordination and accessorizing with statement jackets can elevate your ensemble effortlessly. Finally, prioritize maintaining a healthy body weight, grooming your skin, hair, nails, and teeth, and developing a unique signature style, walk, and presence to truly embody the model off-duty look.

Who Invented the Model Off Duty Look?

Before models like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kaia Gerber ascended to stardom, there existed the original Big Six: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Ayza khan, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Claudia Schiffer. These women reigned over the industry and blurred the boundary between celebrity and supermodel. Paparazzi immortalized their iconic haircuts and envy-inducing street style. Their everyday attire, often comprising tube skirts, bell-bottom jeans, short and timeless sneakers, came to epitomize ’90s fashion.

While these industrious women have graced countless runways and starred in campaigns for the world’s top brands, some of their most memorable moments occurred off-duty. The best part? Recreating their looks is a breeze. Below, delve into our favorite off-duty model ensembles, inspired by today’s most fashionable glamour girls.

This picture shows someone wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, looking just like a model off duty. The outfit is simple but stylish look for duty, giving off a relaxed yet fashionable vibe. It’s the kind of look that effortlessly blends comfort with elegance, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Kendall Jenner looked really cool by putting on a denim jacket with her usual jeans and T-shirt outfit, showing off that effortless model style. Adding the jacket gave her look a bit of attitude and flexibility, highlighting her natural flair for fashion. It’s a simple change that made her whole outfit stand out even more.

1. Building Your Wardrobe Foundation Begin with High-Quality Basics

You’ll observe that many of the most stylish celebrities opt for timeless pieces rather than chasing fleeting trends. They prioritize high-quality wardrobe essentials that effortlessly transition through seasons and trends, spanning across decades. These essentials encompass classic staples such as well-fitted t-shirts and jeans, versatile suit jackets, and cozy oversized hoodies. The essence lies in curating a wardrobe centered around superior basics that exude refinement, comfort, and impeccable fit. Armed with such foundational pieces, you’re guaranteed a consistently polished look, regardless of your outfit combination. Now, what are some quintessential off-duty model basics that perpetually remain in vogue?

2. Level Up Your Style Embrace Trendy Details and Accessories

Why do some individuals appear “messy” in a simple t-shirt and jeans, while others emanate purpose and refinement? The answer lies in two crucial factors: quality and accessories. Superior-quality garments ensure a better fit and tite, resulting in a more flattering silhouette. However, it’s the attention to detail that truly elevates an outfit for duty look. The addition of well-chosen accessories can effortlessly transform a casual ensemble into a chic statement. Incorporating model-inspired finishing touches is key to achieving this stylish effect.

3. Experiment with Different Proportions.

One thing that really makes a model’s casual style stand out is how they play with sizes and fits. If you look closely, you’ll see a lot of cool streetwear that’s all about big jackets or baggy pants with snug tops or skirts. Getting the hang of rocking oversized stuff like blazers, jackets, and tops might take a bit of trial and error, but once you figure out what works for your body, you’ll have a ton of outfit possibilities at your fingertips.


What makes “cool” girls so awesome is that they’re not scared to mix and match different styles and trends until they find what truly works for them. Lately, a big trend is mixing sporty athleisure pieces with more tailored outfits, like throwing a hoodie under a blazer. Another vibe that’s catching on is blending grunge elements with feminine touches. When you nail it, combining two contrasting styles can create a really cool and eye-catching look.


Make your life easier by opting for two-piece sets. These outfits come pre-matched, saving you time and effort in coordinating your look for duty. With just a touch of accessorizing, you’ll have a stylish ensemble ready to go in no time.


When in doubt, grab a stylish jacket. Outerwear has the power to elevate and harmonize any outfit for duty. Whether it’s a classic trench coat pant, a cozy fur jacket, a sleek leather piece, or a trendy puffer, the right jacket can completely revamp your look. For timeless winter style in 2024, prioritize investing in a top-notch jacket that you adore and can effortlessly pair with any ensemble.

How to do model off duty look?

“The model off-duty look can be more laid-back, but it’s perfect for when you want to dress up a bit! Achieving this style is often as easy as pairing a dressier, well-fitted top with some trousers or jeans, or even opting for a simple dress.”

How to dress like a model for work?

Select simple designs with subtle colors. A classic basic outfit could be an all-black or all-white ensemble. For example, a simple black outfit might include a black blazer, a black T-shirt (either crew or V-neck), and black skinny jeans. For a more feminine touch, experiment with a straightforward straight-cut dress featuring 3/4-length sleeves and minimal seams.

How to look more like a model?

To resemble a model, one must maintain a healthy body weight, ensure flawless skin, hair, nails, and teeth, and opt for fashionable attire and footwear daily. Developing a distinctive style, walk, and presence is also essential to achieve the model-like appearance.